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FAQ Version 9.4
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Voici la version 9.4 des FAQ que vous pourrez télécharger en cliquant ici.

Voila ce qu'elle a de nouveau par rapport à l'ancienne :

Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior
“Blackmoon’s Siege”
ERRATA: Atlaga’s wings are not a Hit Zone.

Protectors of Ullar
“Blackmoon’s Siege”
ERRATA: The Protectors’ wings are not a Hit Zone.

Mohican River Tribe

“Blackmoon’s Siege”
On Concealment, if a Mohican is 5 spaces away from the attacking figure, does that mean he can add 5 to the roll?
No. The minimum number of spaces is not the range that the figures are at. It is the number of spaces BETWEEN the 2 figures. In the example, if the Mohican is being attacked at a range of 5, the minimum number of spaces between the 2 figures is more than likely 4. Do not count either space the figures are on.

Omnicron Repulsors
“Blackmoon’s Siege”
If a Soulborg Squad figure attacks an Omnicron Repulsor and EMP Response triggers, can the rest of the attacking squad still attack?
No. The attacking figure’s turn is over, including any Squad figures that have not yet attacked.

The Axegrinders of Burning Forge
“Blackmoon’s Siege”
If you don’t have a Dwarf Hero in your Army, can the Axegrinders still get to add 2 to their move number?

“Blackmoon’s Siege”
If Tul-Bak-Ra is attacked by a power like Poison Sting Special Attack and receives a wound (and is not destroyed) while the attack is continuing, can he summon reinforcements before the 20-sided die is rolled for Poison/Venom damage?
Yes. In this instance, Tul-Bak-Ra would get to Teleport Reinforcements as each wound (or group of wounds for the initial attack) are inflicted and he is not destroyed.

If Tul-Bak-Ra is attacked with an AOE attack like Deathwalker 9000’s Explosion Special Attack, or any Special Attack that notes which figures are affected before the attack roll happens, and he Teleports Reinforcements, will the teleported figure be affected by the attack as well?
No. Because in Explosion Special Attack (and some other Special Attacks), the targets are chosen/noted before the attack roll.

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